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EEYP Announcement at EEIS Elections

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EEYP Announcement at EEIS Elections


Epsom and Ewell Youth Club was founded in 2009 by Moulana Sadique Ahmed. When the current building was first purchased and renovated, it became the central hub for the Muslim community to gather for Salah and other Islamic activities. However there were barely any resources for the Youth of the Muslim community. EEYP was set to change that; initially starting with a small number of members, it slowly developed over the years to come drawing new members to the group as a result of the new funding and facilities available to them. This has only been possible through the support of parents, local community and not forgetting the Mosque Committee who has allowed us to come this far.

We plan to grow over the years to come, organising bigger, better and more enjoyable events. We also wish to reach out to the non-Muslim community in the near future.

The benefits of EEYP are that it keeps its members off the streets, helps to build confidence, develop good team work, teach good life skills, allows somewhere where you can relax and talk feely to friends about life, work or anything else.

Already raising a substantial amount of funds for the benefit of its members, and purchasing numerous types of sports equipment, EEYP has already had an impact on the community, be it through a 'Fun-day' or a Table Tennis Tournament.

Previous successes, recognised by the community are Camping Trips, Paintballing outings and several Table Tennis tournaments, as well as participating in other events such as Football tournaments. With new members, we look to offer more trips and activities, not just leisure, but also academic such as museum visits and outreach programmes aimed at educating and introducing non-Muslims to Islam from a Youth’s point of view.

Further afield we aim to become more active within the running of the mosque and help make decisions that affect our future. This may be done through discussions with the committee over lunch for example.

About EEYP members:

Believe it or not, there is a high chance your child has taken part in one of our activities already, whether it be one our trips to paintballing or the annual Fun-days/BBQ we organise  (one of few events hosted at Epsom Islamic Centre that allow Brothers, Sisters and Children to come together and have a good time.)

Chairman: Mahfuj Ali

For those not familiar, the current Chairman of EEYP who maintains overall responsibility for the club is also an active member of the EEIS support staff.

Currently he maintains and is actively developing the EEIS website (with updates in another announcement), including updating the Prayer widget and Salah timetable, dealing with technical queries and updating it with the latest news and activities hosted at EEIS. He works closely with many of the Executive Committee members.

I please ask you for your support in EEYP and its activities and that the new committee will assist us for many years to come with our cause to unite the Muslim Youth of this community and help develop future leaders for the running of this House of Allah.


Jazakallah Khair

 Mahfuj Ali

EEYP Chairman & EEIS Website Developer