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EEIS Celebrates Eid 2013

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Alhamudulillah, the holy month of Ramadan has now passed and the EEIS has enjoyed an excellent month of Teraweeh prayers, Itikaaf during the last 10 days of Ramadan, a strong sense of Brother and Sisterhood during the Night of Power and generous donations that will help fund refurbishment projects in the months to come; all followed by of course Eid celebrations on the 8th August 2013.



 Worshippers gather outsite the Islamic Centre after Eid prayers.


Ramadan & Teraweeh

Muslims keep fast during these 30 days (which shifts backwards in the Gregorian calendar each year by 15 days as the Islamic calendar is Lunar based) from Sunrise to Sunset which was approximately 5:30am to 8:30pm this Ramadan. That means 15 hours without any food or drink (including water)!

During Ramadan there is an additional prayer held every night after Isha called Teraweeh, this is 20 rakat and adds an additional one hour to the prayer times. While all this may seem impossible to some, Muslims do this every year around the world and for many it helps us bring ourselves closer to Allah and to resist temptation from bad actions. This year was the first year with our new head Imam, Abdur Razzak who led the prayers throughout Ramadan.



 Muslims greet each other after the Eid salah before setting off about their day.


Itikaaf and the Night of Power

Those who can afford to devote their time in the remembrance of God stay in the mosque for the final ten days of Ramadan. This worship is called Itikaaf (retreat). Food and other necessities of life are provided for them during their stay in the mosque, as they may not leave the mosque premises during their stay. Laylat al-Qadr  (Night of Power) is the anniversary of the night Muslims believe the first verses of the Quran were revealed to the prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Muslims often pray extra prayers on this night, particularly the night prayer (Tahazud), we also perform tilawat (reading the Quran). Laylat al-Qadr is to be found in the last five odd nights of Ramadan, with particular emphasis on the 27th Ramadan.


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During the Night of Power, worshipers remain in the Mosque all night to perform the Tahazud and remember Allah. Along the sides are the tents where 25 worshippers spent 10 days and nights in the Mosque without leaving the premises performing Itikaaf.


Fundraising Project

During Ramadan the Islamic Centre is under extreme pressure to accommodate for all the Muslim needs in the local community, at this time our facilities are stretched to the limit. The committee launched a campaign to tackle these problems, including; provide more facilities for sisters, more prayer space, double gazing for the whole building, air conditioning and many more. We hosted a special fundraiser on the 27th Ramadan and successfully raised more than £27,000 through small donations on this night alone. However this is only a small amount towards the overall amount needed to implement all these facilities in plan and both the committee and the community have a long way to go.



Imam Abdur Razaak (left) can be seen greeting fellow members of the community after Eid Salah. 



This is one of two Eids celebrated by Muslims, the other after the pilgrimage of Hajj. Eid-ul-Fitr marks the end of Ramadan. The morning consists of a special Eid prayer at the mosque and many will spend the rest of the day with friends and family visiting relatives and loved ones.



Our previous Chairman Dr Shakil Rahman (left) with a youth.


If you’re reading this article and are interested in learning more about Islam or would like to organise a visit for youself, your family or your school then why not get in touch with our Imam Abdur Razzak via the contact form or simply pop into the Centre and have a look around for yourself.