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New ‘Ask a Question’ module

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New ‘Ask a Question’ module

Assalamu-alaikum Brothers and Sisters,

                As request upon Imam Abdur Razzak, we have introduced a new ‘Ask a Question’ module; you’ll find this page within the top navigation bar.

Within this section there are two categories and within those several more.

  • Ask the Imam
  • Mosque Management

Ask the Imam

This section is for users (Muslim and non-Muslim) to ask questions about Islam; how actions are performed i.e. in prayer, Hajj, Umrah, fasting etc… It is also an opportunity for users to ask questions related to faith and the teachings of the Qur’an. This is separated into the relevant categories.

Mosque Management

This section is divided into topics related to the running of things in the mosque: Ask the Committee and Website development. While some of these questions can be asked and answered privately, by using this feature, it may also provide answers to question of other people who have the same thoughts.

Using the Module

This is very easy. Simply go to the page and choose a category. Then click on the ‘Ask a new question’ tab and type away! (Please ignore the “The mail() function has been disabled and the mail cannot be sent.” notification, after submitting the question.)

Note: Users do not have to worry about sub-categories; this will be sorted by the staffs who answer the questions. As of yet, there is no function to notify the user when their question has been answered, but Inshallah, this will be added soon.

Questions will be answered as soon as possible. All answers will be signed off by the person answering them.