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AGM Minutes Saturday 21st April 2012

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AGM Minutes Saturday 21st April 2012

·         Meeting started at 02:00PM after the Zuhur salaat

·         Maulana Sadique opened the meeting with recitation of the verses of the Holy Quran

Chairmain’s Report – presented by Dr SHAKIL UR RAHMAN

·         Highlighted the events and projects that took place in the past year within EEIS and urged the members to come forward and contribute to various on going projects either intellectually or financially, preferably both. The chairman continued with a more detailed report on the performance of the sub committees and highlighted that it for us all to strive together to achieve maximum potential for our organization and for the muslim umma and the community we live in. It was elaborated that our Masjid is relatively new, having established in 2008, after a monumental hard work from all and Allah SWT unimaginable blessings.  Since that time we have progressed well, of course we could do better, but we also must acknowledge the enthusiasm and commitment of those in the committee and as ordinary members who came forward to offer their services and not just complained.

·         We are united, have much more financial stability as evident by meeting all our costs, Better Islamic delivery of education for our children, more trained alims and alimas as tutors.  Further more there is respect in other regions for our Musjid and its activities and among the local council and churches and schools and communities.  Also a  substantial Qatar Hasana of almost £101,000 paid back in a single calendar year. The financial stability and probity has maintained a good degree of reserve funds usually in excess of 10,000 in the EEIS accounts for any urgent expenditure, if needed (ring fenced). Additionally there is back up that in difficult and un foreseen circumstances there some identified brothers, who can step in to help and maintain financial stabilty.

·         The chairman explained that the EEIS premises have yet not been used to the full capacity and more projects are in consideration to achieve this like arrangement for more islamic educational and lecturing, visiting katheebs, organizing youth career counseling,  more open days and finally facilities for on Ghusl of Mayyat, exchange of Khateebs, visits by external scholars and organizing more social gatherings.

Finally thanked all who had been supportive and helpful and who genuinely came forward during the whole of the year in the running of the Masjid and Islamic center.

Secretary’s Report – presented by JUEL AHMED

·         The secretary acknowledged the contributions of the previous committee and volunteers towards the progress of EEIS and reminded the members of the new elected members.

·         The detailed report included details of Jumma collections, Iftaar arrangements, fundraising, disaster relief funds and future projects including mayyat washing facilities, zebra crossing, building of a library and corrugated shelter for sisters. The report also highlighted the following sub committees:

o   Mosque Operations Committee

o   Education Committee

o   Finance Committee

o   Public Relations Committee

o   Funeral Committee

o   Youth Activities.

It was a very comprehensive and detailed written version also available at the time.

Treasurer’s Report – presented by AZEEM DOSSANI

A detailed report of income from various sources and expenditures with a break down were outlined. It was emphasized upon that every bit of the finances is managed and all transactions are being logged properly throughout.  This report was also circulated in hard copies.

Questions and Answers

.      Members questioned the excess PAYE paid out last year and whether it was a penalty.

It was outlined that that it was an unpaid tax which have been payable to cover for the due national insurance and due income tax incurred on the salary of the imams during the year of 2010-2011. It was NOT a penalty. Members were ensured that a professional accountant/auditor is looking after all the accounting matters from now onwards.

.      Br Nabi raised the issue of central heating being ON most of the time without need resulting in high energy costs.

There was a positive debate about how to tackle this issue and a number of options were discussed including double glazing (when enough funds are available), monitoring and installation of room thermostats. It was decided that the executive committee would look into the possible options and address this issue.

.      Members questioned how the insurance premium for the mosque building looked to have decreased from the last year

It was outlined that the insurance cover has been changed which had resulted in the reduction of fee. However it was ensured that the level of cover is sufficient.

There was a small debate about whether to allow Maulana Sadique to keep some petty cash. The members agreed to allow this provision. Exact figures and procedure has to be decided by the executive committee.

A further debate took place about addressing the issue of communication and keeping the members up to date. It was outlined that the new digital services would partly address this issue and in addition the EEIS web site  regular up date would also deliver the information about appointments, classes and salaat times as well as any emergency news and fund raising as required.

Another useful debate about taraweeh arrangement and timings took place and various proposals were considered including the number of Huffaz and issues around the 2nd taraweeh.

Minutes from the AGM 2011 were reviewed by attendees and report accepted.

With no further question, the meeting was brought to a close at 3:25PM.

Closing dua by Br Nabee